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Chat service

Finnchat’s chat service includes everything you need for good sales and customer service on the web. We train capable staff on your behalf and take care of the software needed. Your job is just to follow the results in our detailed weekly reports.

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Finnchat Leads -

for B2B companies

  • Double your leads
  • Offer immediate service
  • You only have to pay for the valuable leads

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Finnchat Sales -

For online stores and services

  • 35% larger average purchases
  • 18% of chatters make a purchase
  • Chat services can be started up quickly

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Our company

Our mission is to keep personal service as part of user experience. We believe, that even as technology is evolving and people are switching to handle more and more business online, the importance of service will be emphasized in the future. As a company we are productive and passionate. Read more about us.


We are continuously looking for cheerful, smart, keen to learn experts, who are eager to join our rapidly growing team. Do you feel that you are the right person to provide first class live chat –services or do you think you could bring to our company something else that would add significant value? Tell us more about you.

What is live chat?

Chat delivers personal customer service, familiar from high street shops, to the webChat service refers to an added button on the web page that opens up a chat window, through which the customer can initiate live discussions with a chat-customer service representative or a chat-representative may propose a discussion with the customer. Read why you should choose live chat.

, - 2.11.2015

Yoga teacher’s business mistake

A little while ago I moved to Berlin with Sini. I’m working in our office here and Sini is going to do her master’s thesis and study to be a yoga teacher. She has registered...

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, - 12.10.2017

4 Common mistakes among customer service

1. “Customer has time to wait” – Common mistakes among customer service First 20 seconds after visitor has landed on the website, are the most critical ones. How long is the estimated visit on your...

, , - 8.9.2017

Customer acquisition is one of the company’s most important functions

Acquisition of new customers is a base of any successful company. Customer acquisition can be supported in many ways, and they all don’t require immediately more sales persons. Customer acquisition as an outbound With outbound-marketing,...

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Kuchen-quelle-170px Tilaajavastuu-logo Logo perfekt schlafen logo IsidorSokos Honkong Prisma

“Initially we worried that our partner wouldn’t be up to the job and about how things would develop, but the service has really exceeded all of our expectations.”

– Lars Albäck, President and CEO, Suomen Tilaajavastuu Ltd

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