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Chat service

Finnchat’s chat service includes everything you need to make it stand out in the crowd. We make your eCommerce grow in sales – or provide you with more (and better) leads from your website!

We train capable staff on your behalf and take care of the software needed. Your job is just to follow the results in our detailed weekly reports.

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Finnchat Leads -

for lead generation

  • Double your lead generation
  • Offer immediate service
  • You only have to pay for the valuable leads

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Finnchat Sales -

For online stores and services

  • 35% larger average purchases
  • 18% of chatters make a purchase
  • Chat services can be started up quickly

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Our company

Our mission is to keep personal service as part of user experience. We believe, that even as technology is evolving and people are switching to handle more and more business online, the importance of service will be emphasized in the future. As a company we are productive and passionate. Read more about us.


We are continuously looking for cheerful, smart, keen to learn experts, who are eager to join our rapidly growing team. Do you feel that you are the right person to provide first class live chat –services or do you think you could bring to our company something else that would add significant value? Tell us more about you.

What is live chat?

Chat delivers personal customer service, familiar from high street shops, to the webChat service refers to an added button on the web page that opens up a chat window, through which the customer can initiate live discussions with a chat-customer service representative or a chat-representative may propose a discussion with the customer. Read why you should choose live chat.

, , , - 23.12.2015

“Excuse me, where in the purchasing process are you?”

Brick and mortar stores have changed as we have come to the internet era. Now approximately 83% of those visiting the physical store, have already got to know the product or service before hand. When...

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, , , , - 9.7.2018

Digibarometer 2018 – Finland is the third of digital marketing

Digibarometer 2018 compares 22 countries with a composite index consisting of 36 variables and it measures the utilization of digital capabilities. Last year Finland fell from the podium to a silver medal in Digibarometer 2017....

, , - 30.5.2018

Finnchat Unicorn – Business Development Manager: Paul Giessmann

Paul is a born and bred berliner, who spends his free time hitting the gym as well as enjoying the smashing Berlin nightlife. Paul has been working with us for more than a year now....

Happy chat-customers!


“We’re just in the beginning of the journey but the cooperation has so far been excellent, flexible and fast.”
Aditro Shared Services Oy


“Conversion from a chat lead to a customer is great. From a prospect to lead is something we’re still working on.”
Oliver Sipinen, LeadDesk Oy


“We get to grab those prospects online. It’s smaller step to start chatting in comparison to fill in a form.”
Martti Siniharju, Partneri & Head of Business Development, Naava Oy


“Service is great. Attitude is perfect. Thank you!”
Laura Widenäs, Suomen Tilaajavastuu


“Generates actual need based conversation with the customers. Without Finnchat, it’d be lost. Can be measured directly in sales.”
Timo Koponen, Aava & Bang Oy


“Success from lead to a customer is close to 100 %. If we leave out those that are there only to review a product or asking about the availability, every single one has made a sale.”
Samuli Rahkonen, Sotka


“Quick response time. 10-15s. We couldn’t do that ourselves even if we tried.”
Pekka Majaniemi, Paytrail Oyj


“Everything went really well!”
Smartum Oy


“You have a very professional take on the chat conversations. Thank you!”
Autotalo Hartikainen Oy / Car Sales


“We have received multiple contact requests from the chat and our customers have been very pleased with the service. As have we. This has been overall very good add to our service.”
Fundu Platform Oy


“In the chat service is very good and professional. Some mistakes in responses have happened, but we’ve constantly improved. Dialog between us and the chat agents has gone very well!”
Inchcape Motors Finland Oy / Mazda

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