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69,32% of shopping baskets are abandoned – this way you can save almost half of them!


The success of an online shop equals the sum of its shopping baskets. Meaning those baskets, the visitors won’t abandon.

The abandonment of a shopping basket is your fault

Baymard-institute has published a research: E-Commerce Checkout Usability (2016). If we take window shoppers (58,6%) out of the calculations, according to the research, the biggest reasons to abandon the purchase are as follows: sudden extra costs in the checkout, like a shipping cost (61%), forced account creation (35%), too long or difficult purchasing process (27%), the total price is visible only at the final stage (24%) and problems/bugs on the website (22%).

Picture: Baymard Institute, E-Commerce Checkout Usability, Usability Report.

Extra costs

It is worthwhile to consider, if shipping costs could be included in the prices or if they would be better visible throughout the process. Also, offering discounts like “free shipping costs, when purchasing with over 100€” is an effective way to increase the total price of purchases.


Picture: Zalando.co.uk

Forced account creation

I understand. A customer will buy more in the future if you have a chance to send her advertisements or personalize your offerings individually by every customer. However, it cannot be a reason to “force” a potential buyer to register. Instead, you should offer some real value from the registration – and offer also a possibility to buy without a registration for the most paranoid customers and collect the sales.

Too long or difficult buying process

How many steps must a customer take, before the items appear at her front door? Minimizing the quantity of clicks is the number one priority for every single online shop. It is also important to make sure, that the information has not to be filled in again if the visitor jumps between the different phases back and forth.

If you already have optimized your buying process or want to figure out visitor’s problems completely, a chat service is the best tool for that. A right question at the right time by a salesperson is often crucial if the purchase will go through the checkout or not.

Picture: Sportscheck.de – chat customer service helps the customer through the purchase process.

Read, how Tulos Helsinki has used a chat service efficiently in optimizing their client’s online shop.

Did the total amount surprise your visitor?

When it is about a buying customer, it is not worth to surprise her with sudden costs. An easy way to show the total price continuously is to have it in the shopping basket button in the top bar of the screen.

Problems or bugs on the website

“Everything works fine” means that the online shop is not tested enough. In reality, problems of online shops are fixed (should be fixed) in the back room almost all the time. All problems are not disasters, but when they are fixed quickly, the online shop saves money and makes more paying customers.
For this problem, there is a solution in the chat service. Your visitors rarely report the problems by an email or even more seldom by an online form. In the chat, however, the visitor can easily tell about a problem on the website and specifying questions can be asked in real time.

Picture: Sportscheck.de – chat customer service helps the customer when there’s a problem

And hey! That same customer’s problem can be fixed in real time, which means successful purchase process and more sales for you!

How about if you saved almost half of them?

According to the Baymard institute, even 35,26% of the abandoned shopping baskets can be saved. All the situations mentioned above are possible to fix, if the online shop knows what is wrong with the purchasing process. We warmly recommend to ask us, how a chat service can help your online shop’s conversion optimization.

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