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Should I buy a cheap chat-widget?


Should I buy a cheap chat-widget?

Internet is full of companies offering either free or highly affordable chat applications for websites. Having a chat app on the website for 20€/month might sound like a perfect deal, right?

But is it reaaaally a good option?

Chat-window is most likely functional and faultless, but before making a rash decisions, it might be useful to take focus on few things. Practically, it is impossible that by paying 20€/month, perfect chat service is achieved.

1. Knowledge


Running a chat service, isn’t rocket science, but it requires some know-how. You’re good with telecenters? Fine, but chat differs A LOT from telephone as a service and sales-channel. Understanding the great amount of data that chat-service produces, requires indeed a lot of expertise.

In addition, goals, for example profitability set for a chat-service can be easily forgotten. Especially if there is no previous experience of producing a chat-service or alike. These features should be taken into consideration already when planning to implement a chat-tool on a website.

2. Resources

Do you have all the resources to implement quality chat-service during the extent of the service hours?

Chat is fundamentally built to maintain a speedy communication. If one is put on hold for minutes, (or even hours!), it loses the whole purpose and actually ends up causing more irritation than advantage.

Chat service that ain’t real-time is no use for anyone. One chooses chat to get a quick response in a less formal channel.

The chat-traffic differs by hour significantly and it’s important to consider how especially the peak hours are dealt with.


3. Proactivity

Another extreme case that one might end up with is that not one visitor actually uses the chat. What is the problem? Initially it seems like a wasted investment.

”We have tried chat on our websites, but we haven’t seen any advantage to our business.”

First of all, considering whether to invest on chat-service, it is important to think about the traffic on the website. Less than 1000 visitors per month is rarely enough reason to outsource, since roughly 1% of the visitors is estimated to actually chat.

To get those figures higher, the greetings in chat need to be optimised and continuously tested.

If proactive chat greetings are placed at a right time in a right stage of purchasing process, the chat can actually help the right people (those who’re about to convert, but not sure yet or are having an issue!).

Implementing these features might be tricky with free chat-applications and they require lot of time and knowledge especially to take full advantage of such features.

4. Reporting

All that’s mentioned above will lead to the reporting. Active follow-up on the chat performance is only possible with relevant and detailed reporting. Quality reporting helps with the following topics:

  • Optimization of the resources and time management of chat-agents
  • Optimized service-concept and setting of proactive greetings
  • Developing the service further and improving results
  • Without reporting chat-services leads to a blind alley.


    Assuming You want to solve the whole chat-service in-house, take care that you have enough time to concentrate on analyzing the results. And that the chat software of your choosing is even capable of it.

    Without reporting and analyzing the results, chat-service leads to a blind alley, since there is no information about how the chat has performed and what could be done better in the future.

    I’m not claiming that installing a chat-widget wouldn’t work. It can, if there are resources and know-how. Nevertheless I recommend to consider carefully, since bad chat service won’t pay itself back. On the contrary, it will cost you as a bad service.

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