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Facebook Messenger replaced Live Chat on site! Or did it really?


I discussed before how easy it is to implement Facebook Messenger into any website. At the same time several blogs announced that Live Chat services will become useless when Facebook Messenger will replace them. Is this reeeaaally how it is? Dedicated Live Chat Software’s period is behind and all decision makers are interested in Facebook Messenger instead?

…announced that Live Chat services will become useless…

Well, actually it is not like this. Keep reading! I’ll explain why.

1. Facebook is so much more than just an administrator of a chat software

Facebook maintains Messenger feature, because it supports its’ own earning logic. Let’s put it this way. When as a client for Live Chat software’s developer you always have the last word, Facebook offers the service to actually “catch” your customers.

Eventually, Facebook can then sell you better targeted ads and tie your company to the Facebook ecosystem.

As a client of a Live Chat Software you always have the last word

This might not just be a bad thing. Targeted marketing is always better marketing.

But that’s not the only thing a chat-service is aiming for. However, this starting point determines Facebook Messengers’ software development. So it is needless to expect high-quality reporting t.ex.

Btw. Chat-software users can be already now targeted by marketing in Facebook and elsewhere.

2. Data protection

Trend in online shops and, -services has moved to an increased data protection. Companies should pay more attention to the security questions of their services.
Facebook basically breathes of data, so at least for B2B companies I’d recommend something else than a Facebook Messenger. You are in charge of customer’s privacy protection.

Using Facebook Messenger requires that user is logged in to Facebook. This is not ok for everyone.

3. No support for users

Applications have faults. Chat applications belonging to our service, are offering support even 24/7, so fixing the problem won’t probably take more than few moments.

In Messenger everything is different. Facebook doesn’t prioritise your service, and if a problem occurs, answers won’t be given right away. In the worst case scenario, your chat-service might be out of use even for days.

We always search the software that is best for the particular website and we are ready to work hard in co-operation with the software provider if any problems occur.

Facebook Messenger offers easy start for the small ones

Messenger functions when entrepreneur itself has will and opportunity to manage every contact request in time

If a website traffic is less than 3000 visitors monthly, and privacy protection in customer encounters is not priority number one, Facebook Messenger is a good option. Messenger functions when entrepreneur itself has will and opportunity to manage every contact request in time.

The table below introduces the features of three popular chat-software. Source: Live Chat Inc.
Source: LiveChat Inc.

When traffic and expectations rise, Finnchat is here for your needs. And by the way, we can produce fantastic chat-service to all websites.


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