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Part 1: How do we report the results of our chats?


More and more companies establish a live chat service either as a sales tool, a channel for customer service or a combination of these two, but for some reason, goals and the follow-up of results are forgotten shortly after the launch.

Investing in a chat without following the results is like hiring a salesperson without any goals

At Finnchat, we always set clear goals for the live chat service, and we follow, how we achieve them. We have to be able to point out the advantages of the chats for our client. For that reason, analyzing and reporting the results are crucial areas, when it comes to the chat’s profitability, quality and development.

If you, therefore, want to have more than “OK-results” from your chat service, you should create clear goals, whether they are conversions, chat leads or some other metric. And remember to pay attention to the reporting on a regular basis. Next, we will have a look at how we at Finnchat can make it easier for the client.

Weekly report

Once a week our customers receive a clearly assembled weekly report, which includes all the most important statistics. In the report, a short look already reveals the conversations of the week, the topics, the chat conversion, and other statistics which the client wants to see.

The idea of the weekly report is to give a holistic view of the functions and development of the chat in a compact package. In addition, on the side of the weekly results, the summary of the ongoing month is also visible in the report.

B2C viikkoraportti_yhteenveto

Yhteenveto viikosta = Summary of the week
Kuluva kuukausi = This month
Chat-keskustelut = Chat conversations
Konversio = Conversion
Myynti = Sales
Laskutetun keskustelun tuoma myynti = Sales from the billed conversation
Vaikutus keskiostoon = Impact on average purchase
Keskustelijoiden keskiostos = Average purchase of a chatter
Muiden keskiostos = Average purchase of the others

Summary of the weekly report for a B2C-company

Live Chat conversations are categorized after every conversation. Dividing conversations into different topics enables, that the client can easily see by a short look, which topics are present in the live chat and which area should be focused on to develop it.


Chat-keskustelut = Chat conversations
Liidit = Leads
Konversio = Conversion
Keskustelujen jakautuminen = Division of the conversations
Potentiaalinen uusi asiakas = Potential new customer
Yhteydet = Connections
IT-palvelut = IT services
Yhteensä = In total
Asiakaspalvelu = Customer service

Summary of the weekly report with the conversation topics for a B2B-company

It is also worthwhile to present daily sales with online shops, because this information helps, for instance, to optimize the service hours.

B2C viikkoraportti

Päivämyynnit = Daily sales
Kumulatiivinen myynti = Cumulative sales
Päivien keskiostot = Average purchase of a day
Keskustelijoiden keskiostos = Average purchase of a chatter
Muiden keskiosto = Average purchase of the others

With the weekly report, our clients are kept posted with the live chat, even though they wouldn’t have time to follow the chat actions in real time. With the recent information, we also make it possible, that it is easy for them to participate in developing the service immediately if they wanted so. Until then, we will take care of it.

The monthly report is the second part of our reporting, and you can read about it here.

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