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Part 2: How do we report the results of our chats?


In the previous text, we went through the content of the weekly report, and now we move on to the second phase of reporting, the monthly report:

Monthly report

Monthly report ties together the information from the weekly reports and focuses on giving a broader picture of the chat operations and development from the last month. Besides presenting the statistics from the weekly reports, the monthly report also includes a written evaluation about the service development specified for the client’s needs:

  • The amount of conversations and leads increased hugely compared to previous month
    – The change in amount of conversations +89,86%
    – The change in amount of leads +100,00%

The meaning of the evaluations is to give to the client a better understanding, how we have achieved the previously set goals during the month.

Additionally, the development of the month in different areas is compared to the whole time period, in which the customer has been as our client. Based on our client’s individual needs and goals, we present meaningful diagrams about the development statistics:


Joulukuu = December
Tammikuu = January
Muut keskustelut = Other conversations
Liidiin johtaneet keskustelut = Conversations lead to a lead

An example of the development in the quantity of conversations of a B2B-company



Potentiaalinen asiakas = Potential customer
Nykyinen asiakas = Current customer
Yleiset = General

Conversation category development

Besides written evaluations and development diagrams, the monthly report may have some other important notices about the service, if those are needed.

b2b kuukausiraportti

Potentiaalinen uusi asiakas = Potential new customer
Yhteydet = Connections
IT-palvelut = IT services
Ratkaisut = Solutions
Yhteensä = In total
Nykyinen asiakas = Current customer
Tukipyyntö = Support request
Asiakaspalvelu = Customer service
Yleiset = General
Henkilöasiakkaat = Private customer
Muu = Other
Yhteystietojen hakeminen = Searching for contact information

Different conversation categories in a B2B-report

The graphs above are only some examples about a few statistics, which we have about the development. Our reports are always generated based on client’s wishes because the goals set for a live-chat service are rarely similar between different clients.

Finnchat Optimize – Real Time Report

Our clients have also an access to our platform called Finnchat Optimize, which enables the development of the service and a real-time follow-up. With Finnchat Optimize, clients can follow the results of the chat, to observe current and ongoing trends, and also develop the service in cooperation with our chat team directly.

finnchat optimize

How do you follow the development and results of your chat service?

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