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The values of Finnchat Ltd

1. Strive for growth and development

We have a mutual goal, which we proceed together as a company. We give and receive feedback, because feedback is the cornerstone of growth and development. We understand, that there is always an opportunity to learn and develop. We come up with ways, how we could do our work even better than before. We are open for new things. We understand, that an individual’s own attitude makes a big difference. We are always ready to help, and we will do more than we are expected. When necessary, we work outside of our own comfort zone, so we can achieve the best possible result. We follow our own and our team’s development. We take action immediately and we conclude everything.

2. Treasure brilliant service

Our company is known for the brilliant service. We believe, that a good customer service arises from a doer’s personality, listening and a desire to serve the customer in a best possible way. We always strive for exceeding our clients’ expectations. For us, every single service encounter is a chance to find a solution for our customer’s problem. We treat all of our customers as equal and with respect. To secure that our service is excellent in the future as well, we develop our own operations by investigating in teams both successful and unsuccessful service encounters. We know, that we have succeeded, when we are given thanks by our customers.

3. Enable your team’s success every day

A team is more than a sum of its parts. We understand our own effect on both our team and our company, and we want to earn our place every day. Finnchat is better, because you are part of it. We maintain a supporting work atmosphere, we appreciate our own and others’ work and together we strive for our team’s and company’s goals. When we are part of our team’s success, we are part of our company’s and our client’s success.

4. Respect and enrich our culture

Our strength is the people in our company, where everyone gives their own share for our culture. Together we are more. We all take care of ourselves, we enjoy life and we want good things for each others. We work as a team, we help each other and we ask for a help when necessary. We are present for each other. We focus on the relevant: for us, a human being and an encounter is the most important thing of all. We fill the world with meaningful encounters.

Finnchat is cheerful, productive and attractive

Our productive business culture consists of skilled and happy people that uphold excellent customer service. We believe in outstanding implementation and appeal. As a company, we strive to be one step ahead, even though we can see, that careful execution of fundamental issues will bring the best customers as well as the right people to our team.

What is it like to work for Finnchat?

Who are we looking for and when?

If you like what you see and it feels like we are describing you, you are the one we are looking for. We are continually looking for promising web assistants who believe in excellent service, to join our rapidly growing team to work in different sectors, in anything from fishing, home electronics and business services to clothing and beauty.

You can always submit an open application for a web assistant or any other post, to which you think you can add value. Do not forget to tell us about your personality, hobbies and professional skills, so that we know you will fit in and we can arrange a suitable role for you.

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