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What do Finnchat customers say about us?

Suomen Tilaajavastuu Ltd

“We have succeeded in adding value to the service our customers receive on Tilaajavastuu.fi and Veronumero.fi, in that they are given immediate help with their queries via the chat-service.

Service has accelerated the speed at which we serve our customers. This is reflected as increased customer satisfaction and sales.

From our perspective, the real thing here is however, the ability of the Finnchat group members to absorb an unbelievable amount of knowledge. Initially we worried that our partner wouldn’t be up to the job and about how things would develop, but the service has really exceeded all of our expectations. How is it possible that the law related to our services and all the complex information has been adopted so quickly and from our perspective, so easily. The Finnchat people learn very well from feedback and use it for continuous service development. The operation has been fast and very professional.”

Lars Albäck
President and CEO
Suomen Tilaajavastuu Ltd

Vincit Ltd

Vincit – The Best Workplace in Finland invests in chat quality

The word Vincit comes from Latin meaning to conquer, or win. No wonder that Vincit has been ranked first at the Best Workplaces in Europe by Great Place to Work Institute. In addition it has been selected already three times as a Best Workplace in Finland.

It didn’t come as a surprise that Vincit invests in quality in everything they do – and therefore expects nothing less from their partners.

“At the beginning, we were very sceptical about chat-services. Especially outsourced one! For us, unleashing the service was a result of a long consideration.” states Pasi Kovanen from Vincit.

After the trial period it was clear that the chat-service would stay on Vincit’s website.

“The results of the trial period were way better than expected. The quality of the service has been very good to both potential new customers and jobseekers.” says Pasi Kovanen from Vincit.

Finnchat has managed to successfully bring high quality service in addition to paying attention to Vincit’s own communication style. Not forgetting the number of generated leads!

Pasi Kovanen
Chief Marketing Officer
Vincit Group Oyj

Arena Interactive

Arena Interactive makes three times more leads with their chat

A cold contact formula is just a cold contact formula, and today not that efficient anymore.

Aki Hankaniemi, marketing and sales manager of Arena Interactive knew that when coming across Finnchat chat-service. Arena Interactive started with Finnchat in January 2014.

At the beginning company offered a chat service for four months on their website and then left it out for a while. Results were as following: chat generated three times more leads than the website without it. “After that we had the courage to invest. Chat pays for itself well. In business of our size one deal emerging from the chat in a month is enough to cover the expense” , Hankaniemi states.

For Arena Interactive chat means especially improving sales online. “It is very important that we can catch the leads, that have been guided to our website via Google. Now we have been able to maximize the number of customer contacts.”

We have been able to maximize the number of customer contacts.

Arena Interactive offers mobile communication services improving sales, marketing, customer service and communication. Customers usually know what they are looking for from the site when landing there. Transformation of how B2B works online has left the old contact formula being not enough. B2B customer service online must be way better.

“Filling a contact formula is often experienced as a frustrating thing. While searching information online, chat is with a a lot lower barrier to ask questions and more information. Through chat, we can add contact details rapidly to our sales process” , Hankaniemi explains.

Hankaniemi thanks the quick and easy process of taking the chat into use. Kick off meeting with Finnchat took only couple of hours. On the basis of the meeting Finnchat trained their staff to handle the questions and generate good leads from them. Also the technical side of implementing the chat was quick and simple. “Finnchat understood our thoughts fast. And when we have received the leads, the conversation has been mostly very good. As we agreed.”

Running a chat-service doesn’t require Arena Interactive’s own personnel’s time at all since Finnchat takes care of the that.

“I receive leads, go them through and send them to our sales team. It actually doesn’t require anything else”, Hankaniemi smiles.

Sometimes Hankaniemi might get a lead that is not how it should be. If this happens, they don’t need to pay for it. Hankaniemi says that developing the service with Finnchat is easy.

“Finnchat’s pricing model is based on maintaining the service and the number of leads.”

On top of that Arena Interactive’s customers have noticed the chat and given positive feedback of it. It is important to a company operating in digital world. “The chat is like a brick and mortar store’s cash counter or an information desk. It’s the place where a customer can let us know that he needs more information about something or to request a call back. It is very positive that we have a channel where customer can send instant messages”, Hakaniemi praises. “Some of our customers have even asked how they can get the same kind of service.”

Aki Hankaniemi
Sales- and Marketing Manager
Arena Interactive


LeadDesk generates leads, more sales and better company image with chat

Before familiarising themselves with Finnchat, LeadDesk had utilized several chat solutions on their website.

However, they had always failed. There were not enough resources in running a chat on their own. Finnchat’s service was perfect solution for the issue. LeadDesk is a provider of calling systems used primarily in call-centers.

LeadDesk started the trial period at the beginning of 2017 and has then decided to continue cooperation with Finnchat. “Everything has gone very well. We only needed to add the tag on our site. It is very simple, plug and play kind of solution”, marketing manager Samuli Pihlaja explains the technical implementation of the chat-service.

Pihlaja is also satisfied with the follow-ups on the results and the regular communication with Finnchat.

“We have a complex product. It is not a thing that can be learned in only few minutes. Finnchat has however understood it well right from the beginning” , Pihlaja states.

Explicit reports Finnchat provides are helping Pihlaja to follow the distribution of the conversations, conversion and the number of leads.

I’m sure that with chat we catch leads that we otherwise would have missed. Chatting is an easier way to approach us than a contact formula. Customer experiences genuine service from a real person and answers are given in real time.

Also, the quality of leads generated via the chat is important. The chat agent can specify what a potential customer needs before the lead proceeds to Pihlaja.

In addition to generated leads Pihlaja reveals that LeadDesk has managed to do more sales with the leads generated in the chat.

“Our old customers utilize chat-service as well. They might ask for an extra service or more specific information about the pricing, for example. I believe that it has a positive effect to our image when a customer receives an answer immediately“ , says Pihlaja

Also the feedback received from customers supports Pihlaja’s views. “The feedback we have got has been very positive. People tend to respect the service and the possibility to have their message sent forward even though all the support channels would be at the time reserved. Because of the leads and the feedback, I really feel that our potential customers are happy dealing with us. Smileys are used often” ,Pihlaja explains.

Pihlaja highlights also the common interests of Finnchat and LeadDesk.

”Finnchat has ambition in what they are doing”, Pihlaja says. “We are both young, growing companies so it is nice to work together.”

Samuli Pihlaja
Marketing Manager
Leaddesk Ltd.

Ask for the 3-month trial period

Why Finnchat as a live chat partner?

1. We will increase sales and improve customer experience

Live chat increase sales and improve customer experience. Sales in Euro generated by live chat-service are measurable and verifiable. Therefore the return on an investment is easy to calculate. Typically, depending on the industry, our customers have seen sales of 8€ for each Euro invested in our service. Between 60-80% of chat sales would not have converted into online sales without the chat service. Chat users also buy 35% more in terms of Euros.

According to Forrester Research, 44% of customers considered live chat service to be one of the main features of a website. The growing need for real-time customer service is also reflected in the fact that in the same study, 57% of respondents rejected their online purchase if they did not receive a prompt response to their question. It has also been found, that a chat user is three times more likely to make a repeat purchase than a customer that doesn’t use chat.

2. We specialize in live chat-service delivery

We focus on our core tasks and only that. Our company directs all of its resources on the development and production of chat services. Our learning curve is consistent with that.

Naturally, already at the recruitment stage, we will make sure that our staff fit the work profile. This is reflected, for example, in that every one of our staff can type more than 250 characters per minute and is able to handle three top quality simultaneous conversations. The premises, equipment, software, etc. are all designed for the production of chat services.

3. Our team consists of professionals that enjoy their work

When choosing the right service partner, it is the people behind the acquired service that are important. As a live chat partner, we communicate directly with your customers and this responsibility we carry with pride. Our team is just amazing and it is a pleasure to recommend it.

Our team consists of motivated sales and customer service professionals that enjoy their work. We recruit people to whom chat-service work comes naturally. For us, the important thing is to find team players that are committed, willing to learn and who will take part in creating our very high quality service.

4. We are committed to quality sales and customer service work

We educate our staff on a weekly basis and we are committed to quality customer service and sales work. We analyze chat conversations to develop sales results.

We will send you weekly service reports, that contain all of the conversations held during the week, daily sales, as well as the number of chat conversations held. Monthly reports contain a more in depth analysis of data.

5. We have a straightforward and assertive approach

Our strategy is to do the basics very well and avoid additional noise around chat services delivery. This seems to work, since our customers give us a lot of praise.

When the focal point is accurate, the business will develop steadily and quickly. Focusing on production and the creation of clear processes are vital to our work. Clear, simple and straightforward processes also ensure a measurable operation and allow for continuous quality development.

6. No queues, no breaks

Our services are adequately resourced with a sufficient number of staff and the rest of our team will help out during peak periods. Ample resources have been earmarked for the management and development of the Live chat-service to be able to guarantee an excellent and constantly developing service.

According to our formula, everyone has to be satisfied with our services in order to make a profit. Our customers will see an increase in sales, the end-users of our service will get answers to their questions and we will succeed as a company. All this begins with fast service.

7. A risk free 3-month trial period

You don’t have to commit to cooperation without being aware of what that will mean. The figures for Live chat are slightly different for each site and we will therefore always offer the customer a risk free 3 month trial period, during which the impact on sales and other operations can be verified.

During the last month of the trial period, we will analyze data obtained from the chat service and collectively evaluate the business case. Based on the results, we will make an offer for a continuation of the service, and if a decision is made to cooperate, the chat service will continue without interruption. The trial period has been made as easy as possible for the customer to start, i.e. we are doing everything possible on behalf of our clients.

We have been able to maximize the number of customer contacts.

Please leave your contact details and we will contact you!


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